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Kelly Jo Bates (right) teases what’s in store for her family in 2016. Pictured: (from left) Tori, Erin and Josie Bates in a scene from “Bringing Up Bates.” UPtv

With 19 children, every year is a momentous one in the Bates Family, but this year was especially memorable for the reality show brood. Kelly Jo and Gil Bates, the stars of Uptv’s “Bringing Up Bates,” welcomed a new son-in-law and two grandchildren in 2015, and according to the matriarch, she wouldn’t be surprised if more exciting adventures followed in the new year.

“With four married children and five other single children that will be 18 years or older, that leaves a whole lot of opportunity for change – whether by new romances, growing families, or other adventures!” Kelly Jo told International Business Times.

While it remains to be seen what’s in store for the Tennessee-based family in 2016, it definitely won’t be a boring year. “I can honestly say that there is never a dull moment!” Kelly Jo told IBT. “We experience a whole lot of drama on a daily basis.”

Amid the drama, Kelly Jo says she’s big on setting up goals for her family to pursue at the start of each year. Whether it’s having her children read and memorize Bible verses, set educational or physical goals, like eating healthier and exercising, Kelly Jo says she’s all about it.

“Some people feel like setting goals that you might not keep is a waste of time, but we think if you at least set a goal, you are aiming higher than you would normally,” she said. “Change is hard and it might come slowly, but it helps us take a look at our past year and really look for ways we can improve.”

michael bates wedding photos
Kelly Jo Bates says she's excited for fans to see her daughter Michael, pictured in a scene from "Bringing Up Bates," get married in Season 3. UPtv

While the Bates and their legion of fans wait to see what change the new year brings, Kelly Jo says she’s excited for “Bringing Up Bates” fans to see one of their clan’s biggest moments from 2015: Michael’s wedding to Brandon Keilen.

“A big part of our life last year was focused on our daughter Michael’s wedding, which certainly was one of the most exciting and joyful occasions, and yet, as any parent knows, also one of the most tearful and hardest!” Kelly Jo said. “It was a highlight for us for the season, as was each of our children’s weddings!”

Fans can catch up with the Bates when Season 3 of “Bringing Up Bates” premieres Thursday, Jan. 7, at 9 p.m. EST on UP.