Batman has taken his well-known survival skills to Afghanistan.

The U.S. soldiers serving in Afghanistan face all kinds of danger. Whether its enemy combatants, or simple weapons' safety, soldiers are expected to train constantly to ensure that they’re ready for any challenge. That’s where Batman comes in.

The American Forces Network in Afghanistan has teamed up with the U.S. Army for a series of hilarious videos featuring “The Bagram Batman,” a soldier-turned-superhero dedicated to educating soldiers about safety and situational awareness.

“Bagram Batman may not be the hero the men and women of Afghanistan need. ... But it’s the one they get. Veiled under a cloak of valor, Bagram Batman battles idiocracy, mediocrity, complacency and poor table manners!” according to the caped crusader’s Facebook page.

The Bagram Batman’s combination of superhero mask and army fatigues may look silly, but his public service announcements are a great way of keeping American soldiers and civilians in Afghanistan safe, while also providing them with a much-needed laugh.

Each of the 30-second clips features Batman swooping in to educate (and sometimes, intimidate) a soldier into avoiding a potentially dangerous situation.

In "The Bagram Batman vs. Headphones Guy," Batman warns a Taylor Swift fan about the dangers of wearing headphones while running around a military base.

In "The Bagram Batman on Weapons," Bagram's superhero gets rough with a soldier who was walking around his base without his weapon.

In "The Bagram Batman Presents: Staying Safe While Deployed," our masked hero educates a soldier on the dangers of smoking near flammable liquids.

Between the success of several PSA's and his spot-on impression of Christian Bale's performance, the Bagram Batman may end up with a movie franchise of his own.