Henry Cavill refused to give away any spoilers about “Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice” in a recent interview. The British actor, who is playing Superman, was asked the most pertinent question: who will win in the movie.

In an interview to “Live with Kelly and Michael,” Cavill first said he was willing to reveal who is going to win the fight between the two superheroes in the forthcoming movie, ComicBook reports. He later said he was only joking and he couldn’t speak about the movie.

The actor also joked that Warner Bros. was “waiting in the wings” and would “kill” him if he leaked spoilers to the media. Cavill also said he was supposed to play Superman about 10 years ago. He explained that he had heard that he was the front-runner for the role until the director changed. Bryan Singer’s 2006 movie “Superman Returns” cast Brandon Routh in the lead role.

Cavill later managed to get the role in the 2013 movie “Man of Steel” and he will be seen reprising his role in “Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice.” He actor said the filming of the Zack Snyder movie was completed in December and will be released in March 2016.

A recent report by DenOfGeek stated that some of the production crew of the movie and the executives at Warner Bros. got to see an early cut. The audience was said to be have been so impressed by the movie that they gave a standing ovation at the end of the screening.

However, a new conflicting report suggests that the early screening of the movie may not have taken place at all. According to a report by Collider, a source at Warner Bros. has denied that a screening of the movie took place. The report does however say that it is positive news if the reported screening took place and if it received a standing ovation.

“Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice” will be introducing a new version of the Caped Crusader. Ben Affleck’s character in the movie is older and the report touts that his portrayal will be “definitive” for “generations to come.”