Former “Jeopardy!” champions James Holzhauer and Emma Boettcher prepare to face off once more for “Jeopardy! Tournament of Champions” in one of the biggest rematches in the show’s history.

The rematch was made official Tuesday after Holzhauer returned for the “Tournament of Champions” and won the day with $30,156. Boettcher won on Monday with a total of $29,601.

The third contestant for Thursday’s finals will be on the third qualifying game Wednesday.

Holzhauer made headlines when he made his first appearance in April on the famed game show. The professional sports gambler dominated the show for 32 episodes and managed to take home over $2.4 million. His total winnings fell about $60,000 short of breaking the all-time record of $2,520,700 set by Ken Jennings.

Jennings in 2004 set the record during a 74-game win streak. Holzhauer’s 32-game streak was the closest to come to Jennings’ record.

Holzhauer’s run was ultimately ended by Emma Boettcher in June when he came in second to the 27-year-old librarian.

The final clue of that game read: “The line, 'A great reckoning in a little room' in 'As You Like It' is usually taken to refer to this author's premature death.” Boettcher also went into the final clue leading Holzhauer by $3,200. Both answered correctly with “Who is Kit Marlowe?” However, Holzhauer bet $1,399 and walked away with $24,799 as opposed to Boettcher, who bet $20,201 and won $46,801.

Compared to Holzhauer, Boettcher wouldn’t experience the same sort of long-term success that Holzhauer enjoyed. Boettcher would be knocked out three days later and walk away with just over $97,000 in winnings.

Jeopardy James Holzhauer
“Jeopardy!” contestant James Holzhauer is headed back to the show. Sony Pictures Television/Jeopardy Productions, Inc.