A 60-year-old man was killed in Belarus after a beaver sliced his artery causing him to bleed to death. Wikipedia

A 60-year-old man was killed in Belarus when a beaver bit his artery, causing him to bleed to death.

According to reports, the unidentified fisherman was driving toward the Shestakovskoye Lake when he spotted a beaver in the road and stopped to take a picture of it. It was then that the beaver bit him several times on his leg, slicing his femoral artery and causing him to bleed uncontrollably.

The man’s friends, who were in the car, tried to stop the bleeding but were unsuccessful as he died soon after arriving at a clinic in the village of Ostromechevo.

Unfortunately, this is not the first beaver incident in the country as Belarusian Emergency Services told reporters that they have responded to a string of them in the last couple of months.

In Belarus, a former Soviet nation between Russia and Poland, the beaver population has tripled in the past decade to an estimated 80,000, according to wildlife experts, as cited by MSN. That has reportedly caused beavers increasingly to wander into populated areas, creating more grounds for conflict.

The most recent incident is believed to be the most serious case to date