Police personnel are seen at the site of a shooting in central Brussels May 24, 2014. Three people were killed and one seriously injured during the shooting at the Jewish Museum in central Brussels on Saturday, with Belgium's interior minister saying anti-Semitic motives could be behind the attack. REUTERS/Eric Vidal

A shooting at the Jewish Museum in Brussels has left three dead and one badly injured, says the city’s fire department. There is no confirmation about whether a suspect has been apprehended.

According to firefighters, the gunman drove to the museum, went in and shot at least six times, then fled. La Libre said there was both a driver and passenger in the vehicle. A bystander got the car's license number and gave it to police.

Belgium’s interior minister, Joëlle Milquet said the location suggests it was an anti-Semitic attack. Joel Rubinfeld, the head of Belgium’s Anti-Semitic League affirmatively called it a terrorist attack and told AFP it occurred because of “a climate of hate.”

Belgium Foreign Minister Didier Reynders happened to be nearby and ran to the scene when he heard gunshots. He said he was "shocked" at the shooting and also said he suspected it to be an anti-Semitic act, but urged people to wait for police to make their investigation.

In 2012 a shooter killed seven in a targeted attack on Jewish civilians and French military men in Toulouse, France. The shooter, Mohammad Merah, perpetrated the shootings over the course of eight days. He was killed in a police shootout 11 days after the first shooting. Merah had connections to radical Islam and a history of pyschological problem. Henry Goodman, president of the Jewish Community Center in Brussels, speaking to CNN said, "They, whoever they are, are not going to close the community activities. Jewish people know what anti-Semitism means."