Ben Higgins is unsure if he wants to find a new lady love on “The Bachelor” again.

When Higgins was asked if he was willing to star in the next season of the ABC reality series, his response showed a lack of enthusiasm. He explained that for now, he wants to focus on himself and his business rather than try again so soon after splitting with Lauren Bushnell. Higgins admitted that he wants commitment and will initiate a move if the right timing presents itself.

“I don’t want to say I wouldn’t, but I can’t say I would, either,” Higgins told Us Weekly. “Right now, there are things in my life that I feel passionate about. My buddies and I have a blog, The Mahogany Workplace. And my friends and I started Generous Coffee. It’s a for-profit company that supports causes that make the world better. So, this season of ‘The Bachelor’ feels too soon. I’d be sacrificing things that I don’t want to neglect.”

Higgins starred in Season 20 of the show, and his stint ended with a proposal to Bushnell. However, after over a year of being together, the pair split in May. There were rumors that their relationship had been on the rocks weeks before the split, but “Bachelor” host Chris Harrison was surprised when he learned about Higgins and Bushnell’s separation.

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Although Higgins did not find his happily ever after on “The Bachelor” on his first try, the actor still has confidence in the franchise. He believes that finding love on the show is possible.

“Anytime you put a bunch of people in one room, love can exist,” Higgins, 29, said. “Yes, it’s not traditional and I don’t know if it’s the best way to find love, but I don’t think it’s a bad way. Maybe it’s because we do have examples of people finding love and having children. I can’t say it doesn’t work.”

In other news, “The Bachelorette” star Rachel Lindsay believes that Alex Bordyukov is the best man for the next “Bachelor.” Lindsay added that she didn’t want any of her final four to be the next “Bachelor.”

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