Rachel Lindsay and Bryan Abasolo
Rachel Lindsay and Bryan Abasolo wanted Alex Bordyukov to star in the new season of “The Bachelor.” Pictured: Rachel and Bryan visits the Lord & Taylor NYC flagship store to promote new price matching program on Aug. 9, 2017. Getty Images/ Cindy Ord

ABC’s “The Bachelorette” is done and the search for the next “Bachelor” is on.

One of the men from Rachel Lindsay’s “The Bachelorette” season may have the opportunity to return to the small screen to find his own love. There are rumors that her runner-up, Peter Kraus, will be the next “Bachelor.” However, Rachel has someone else in mind.

When Rachel was asked who she thinks is best to star in the next season of “The Bachelor,” she mentioned Alex Bordyukov. Her fiancé, Bryan Abasolo, agreed. “Yeah, [I told you that I didn’t want any of my final four being the Bachelor],” Rachel told Entertainment Today. “I definitely think Alex.”

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Rachel and Peter had a rough time when they parted on “The Bachelorette.” Rachel was honest that she wanted a proposal, but Peter was hesitant because he was not ready.

“I felt a little bit of manipulation there,” Rachel told ET about her relationship with Peter. “The lack of commitment, you telling me that you want this future with me, but you didn’t want to take the actions to have it... like, that’s what triggered those emotions in me. I felt like there was a lot of push and pull. I feel like he was giving me just enough to keep me and string me along, rather than being forthcoming with everything.”

To make the matter worse, Peter told Rachel that she would have a “mediocre life” with any man other than him. Luckily, “The Bachelorette” star says her life is “absolutely amazing.”

Peter already apologized to Rachel for his harsh words and admitted that he was just in the heat of the moment. He said that they already had closure.

“Rachel and I had a conversation on stage. I think she’s honestly in a very happy place,” Paul said (via Us Weekly). “I’m getting to a happy place, and we left on good terms.”

Meanwhile, whether Rachel approves of Peter being the next “Bachelor” or not, many viewers want him to star. However, he has not yet decided if he would ever do it. “I’d have to think a lot about it,” he told “Good Morning America” (via E! News).

The publication added that Peter’s entry in his high school year book entry included his plans to “be on ‘The Bachelor.’” Thus, chances are high that he will eventually say “yes” if ABC offers it to him. However, the network remains mum as to who will star in the new season of “The Bachelor.”

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