Bernie Sanders
Sen. Bernie Sanders says he has no choice but to call President Trump out as a liar. Above, Sanders mocks President Donald Trump with inauguration crowd photos, Feb. 25, 2017. Reuters/Kevin Lamarque

Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders is expected to articulate his vision for responding to a Donald Trump presidency and a Republican-controlled House and Senate in a CNN town hall in the nation’s capital Monday night. Sanders, who vied for the Democratic nomination for president with Hillary Clinton, will sit down with CNN anchor Chris Cuomo at George Washington University, beginning at 9 p.m. EST.

While he failed in his presidential bid, Sanders has been one of the most prominent voices on the left since Trump’s victory in November’s election. Along with Democratic members of Congress, he has called for a day of action on Jan 15, just five days before Trump takes office, to oppose planned changes to Obamacare and other healthcare programs.

“Not only is the Republican plan immoral and bad economic and social policy, it violates numerous promises that Donald Trump made to the American people during his campaign,” Sanders wrote in an op-ed in the Washington Post Monday.

During his campaign, Sanders strongly advocated for universal public health care.

At the town hall, where he will take questions from the audience in Washington D.C., Sanders is also expected to outline how the Democratic Party should move forward from its election defeat and hold Trump’s administration to account.

A progressive who made tackling the country’s income and wealth inequality the cornerstone of his campaign, Sanders rallied behind Clinton and delivered sharp rebukes of Trump during the general election campaign. However, the independent senator has since repeated his criticisms of the Clinton campaign and the Democratic Party for its focus on big-money donors.

"Look, you can't simply go around to wealthy people's homes raising money and expect to win elections," he told NPR Friday. "You've got to go out and mix it up and be with ordinary people."

"The Democratic Party swallowed the bait. They became hooked on big money."

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