While browsing the web or just viewing your favorite videos, some ads may automatically open up as you move about. These ads tend to interrupt the experience as they steal away your screen to show you something that could be not only uninteresting but also dangerous to your phone’s security. Here’s how to prevent these ads from popping up in your Android phone.

Adblock Plus

This one is a known ad blocker app that works for any Android device even if its rooted and not rooted. All you need is to open this app up and get back to browsing. This feature will automatically intercept and prevent any incoming ads which makes it a great app.

Block This

While this app is not that known, it’s worth noting that it has a different ad-blocking method from the other known ones. This app blocks ads through DNS blocking instead of providing the usual filter against ads. Their style uses up less battery, which allows you to surf for longer without worrying that your phone may run out of power while you explore the internet for many hours.


Similar to AdBlock Plus, it also uses a filter to block out incoming ads as browse around the internet. After a lengthy setup, it doesn’t only block out ads but also tracks your web traffic too. It’s available in a free version, which can block ads from your choice web browser, but its paid premium version allows you to do the same for both your mobile devices and PC.


This app is available for free but will only work for rooted devices. This trusty ad blocker is not available on the official Play Store, which can be sketchy to some users. If you’re running on a rooted device, this should be a good pick if you need an ad blocker.

Built-in Browser ad blockers

Fortunately, the mobile Google Chrome can reliably block ads but only does it against the highly explicit and offensive ones while leaving untouched the ads that help sites earn through their ad services.

Google Chrome Phone
Ads are unavoidable but preventable. Pictured: In this photo illustration the app of Google Chrome is displayed on a smartphone on March 3, 2018 in Berlin, Germany. The left-wing organizers of the event cited Google's profit-oriented mass collection of personal data about people as well as the gentrification locals fear will accelerate should the Google Campus open. Google is reportedly planning to open a Google Campus, which is meant to create a venue for startups and technological exchange, this summer in a building that once housed an electric relay station in the heart of Kreuzberg. Getty Images/Carsten Koall