Even as Black Friday is here, technology pundits speculate that Cyber Monday would bring in even better deals on tech products, if for no other reason than that people seem to have an insatiable urge for such products. However, as of now, the Cyber Monday pages are blank or near-blank for all the major retailers including Walmart, Amazon and Target.

Thich is not to say that there aren’t already some great starter deals on offer. And if this is a taste of things to come, it looks like the aforementioned pundits aren’t so far off the mark.

Take a look below for the deals already beckoning you:

Laptops, tabs and e-readers:

Amazon Kindle

$30 off

Kindle is widely considered among the best e-readers. Now, you can buy one for one of the best prices — just $50 — as part of this Cyber Monday deal on Amazon.

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Amazon Fire HD 10

$50 off

Amazon Fire HD 10 is a good enough tablet at the original price. Now, with a discount of $50, Amazon is selling it for just $99 — which makes it a pretty smart buy.

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Microsoft Surface Book

47% off

The original Surface Book comes at a 47% slashed price from the original price of $1,499. Something tells us this would be among the fastest selling deals for Cyber Monday.

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Macbook Air

57% off

The 11 inch MacBook Air, much loved for its size and form factor isn’t sold anymore. But here is the exception — ebay is selling the product for just $419.5 for Cyber Monday.

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65 inch LG OLED65C7P 4K Smart OLED TV

$300 off

Reviews for LG’s OLED65C7P 4K Smart OLED TV have been pretty great and now this widely appreciated television could be owned with $300 off the original price($3,197)

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Samsung 50-inch 4K TV

$479.99(was $849.99)

Target brings you this mighty deal on the Samsung 50-inch 4K TV as part of their Cyber Monday sale. The TV is known for its vivid colour reproduction and it also supports HDR.

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TCL 49-inch 4K Roku LED TV

$130 off

The Roku TV comes with such features as a high resolution 4K screen, 49-inch size, not to mention the built-in Roku streaming. It may not be the best TV ever but still it’s a great pick — considering that Roku is among the best streaming platforms, and also considering the price that’s being offered.

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Samsung Galaxy S8

$200 off

The Samsung Galaxy S8 has been around in the market for a few months now. This means, you should be able to get decent deals on it by now. But this Cyber Monday deal from Newegg might just take the cake since they are selling the dual-SIM international version with $200 off the original price ($799.99).

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Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus

$200 off

If the Samsung Galaxy S8 is not big enough for you, there’s the S8 Plus which also comes with a discount of $200.

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Gaming consoles:

PlayStation VR headset with Skyrim VR

$350 (was $450)

Compared to the HTC Vive headsets or Oculus Rift, the PlayStation VR headset from Sony works better on a PC. Also, it's compatible with any PS4, meaning most of the games would work on your system with the least hassle. The bundle on sale comes with a special Skyrim version and also two motion controllers and a camera. Pretty neat, in other words.

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Fitness gadgets:

Fitbit Blaze

Under $100

Fitbit Blaze goes on the Cyber Monday sale for the price of $94.99 on ebay. That’s a 53% drop in price. If you didn’t know about the product, it’s a smartwatch that comes with fitness tracking options. So, good value and good health.

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