Due to our increasingly digital lifestyle, data privacy and security have become a top priority. Hackers and malware developers are constantly coming up with ways to steal data such as credit cards and personal information. If you're looking for the best antivirus for Mac, two of the more popular ones are Bitdefender and Intego antivirus for Mac. These two offer some of the best and up-to-date protection to ensure that your data is always secured.

Let's compare Bitdefender vs Intego to determine which one offers the best antivirus protection.

What is Bitdefender?

Bitdefender Improve your MacBook's defense. Photo: Bitdefender.com

Bitdefender does not flood users with multiple notifications regarding their security settings. It catches threats such as viruses and malware without interrupting you or slowing down your machine. Compared to other anti-virus programs, Bitdefender does not constantly require your confirmation for every move it makes. This system works best for those who prefer antivirus software that effectively blocks and maintains the safety of their hardware as they go about their daily tasks.

What is Intego? 

Intego Intego is an award winning software. Photo: Intego.com

Intego offers multiple packages depending on user needs. Whether for personal or business, Intego has several anti-virus options to help you out. The best part about Intego is that you only need to install it and it will start cleaning up your device within minutes. The primary duty of Intego is to protect its user's data from phishing and scam emails. It is equipped with a malware engine and behavioral analysis that blocks malware, spyware and any other threats even before they attack.


Bitdefender's Features Check out some of Bitdefender's unique features. Photo: Bitdefender.com

While both antivirus solutions offer round-the-clock data privacy and malware prevention, key differences would focus on how they function towards protecting your device. Intego provides a solid defense against advanced Ransomware Attacks and Zero-day Attacks. The Intego Web Shield offers a unique blanket of protection for when you shop online. Fake websites and phishing attacks are blocked to make sure that you can browse safely.

Intego's Features Check out the different packages Intego offers. Photo: Intego.com

Bitdefender functions a little differently. Unlike other antiviruses, it does not spam you with updates. All its defensive actions will remain out of sight until you opt to see how it protected you. It offers protection in the least intrusive way possible while highlighting the convenience of running apps in the background as the system filters and actively checks for any suspicious activity.


Selection Check out the best Bitdefender product for you. Photo: Bitdefender.com

Bitdefender offers packages that extend its security protection to your phones, tablets and even laptops. It works well on operating systems such as Android and Mac iOS and also offers extensive protection. Your plug-in devices such as microphones and webcams will be safe from potential threats. The packages also come with VPN (virtual private network) as an added layer of security.

Intego's packages are equipped with an intelligent firewall system that is ideal for home and hotspot protection. One of the most underrated intrusions is the use of IP addresses and open ports. The Intego NetBarrier blocks hackers' attempts to access your device. It also has a location-aware firewall. This unique feature easily switches and adjusts your firewall setting to the best level of protection as you change networks whether in a coffee shop, at home or while traveling.  


Find the best package for you. A variety of options to choose from. Photo: Intego.com

As for pricing, Bitdefender's pricing starts at $29.99 and covers devices from your laptop to your mobile device. It also has parental control settings for customized protection for your kids. The standard protection suite comes with protection against adware, ransomware and malware.

Intego offers a year's worth of protection for $69.99. The package includes a VirusBarrier that works for both Mac and Windows operating systems. Aside from its anti-virus settings, it doubles as a Mac cleaner to help improve the speed of your device. If you want to back up your files, it has Personal Backup 10.9 to secure all your essential files.