Every year, the number of internet users significantly increase as almost everything can be accessed online. From our bank to social media accounts, we can easily see all the information we want in just one click.

However, one of the dangers of having everything accessible online is the existence of hackers or data breachers. They attempt to steal our information or try to take over accounts without us knowing. This is why most accounts suggest you create strong passwords to always keep them digitally secure.

If you have a bunch of different of passwords per account and have difficulty remembering them all, you need a password manager to assist you.

A password manager serves as a vault that stores details such as credit card numbers, bank and social media accounts and other accounts that may potentially be breached using military-grade encryption. All you need to remember is one password and the manager can automatically log in the accounts for you.

Keep your accounts safe and secure without the hassle by using a password manager like LastPass.

LastPass Overview LastPass Overview Photo: LastPass/ lastpass.com

What is LastPass?

LastPass is an online cloud security technology that keeps all your usernames and passwords in one central hub, which they call a vault. It does the job of logging into your accounts for you, without having to remember all your different passwords. It also offers identity management solutions and suggests stronger passwords that you can use to enhance security. LastPass is one of the leading and most trusted password managers in the market.

LastPass Log-in LastPass Log-in Photo: LastPass/ lastpass.com

Getting Started with LastPass

LastPass can be used in browsers or mobile phones. All you need to do is download the browser extension or the mobile app so you can quickly get started.

  • Browser: After getting the extension, LastPass requires you to create one strong password, which will be your access key. Once you’re done, you can add the username and password of sites you’d like the software to manage.
  • Device: If you also want to use it for your devices, you can just log in using your LastPass account and it will automatically sync your data. It also allows you to use your fingerprint for added security.

LastPass Features LastPass Features Photo: LastPass/ lastpass.com

LastPass Features

1. Secure Password Manager

A password manager securely stores account information and takes control of remembering and filling your passwords. Just log in to your account through the extension browser or mobile application and you’re good to go. LastPass guarantees that no data breacher can hack into your account.

2. Password Vault Feature

Details such as credit card information, notes and passwords are all placed into LastPass’ vault feature. This allows you to add sites, update your log-in information, add notes or even share information with your family or trusted friends.

3. Form Autofill

This feature automatically fills online forms with all your personal information, may it be your password, credit card number, address and many more. You won’t have to go through the hassle of checking your notes back and forth just to log in to your accounts.

4. Password Generator

The built-in online password allows you to create the most secure password to safeguard your accounts from data breachers, especially when it comes to email and social media accounts. Most hackers can easily access accounts with weak or stolen passwords. Hence, it’s important that you create one that’s impossible to crack.

5. Dark Web Monitoring

When storing personal information online, it has most likely reached the dark web. This is where most hackers and digital breachers try to scam internet users just to get the information they need. However, with the Dark Web Monitoring feature, LastPass can easily detect the threats or any breach attempt your account is experiencing. The feature will quickly scan your accounts and immediately send you an alert.

6. Digital Security Dashboard

The Digital Security Dashboard has everything you need to easily monitor the security of your accounts. Through this, you can update weak passwords, enhance your security score and keep track of your email addresses to know if there is a data breach attempt or your information has been compromised.

LastPass Security System LastPass Security System Photo: LastPass/ lastpass.com

Is LastPass secure?

LastPass is known for being one of the safest password managers. It prioritizes safeguarding your accounts from breachers. It is designed with AES-256-bit encryption, which will keep your account completely safe in the cloud. For every password generated, it comes with a unique encryption key.

If you need added security, LastPass allows multifactor authentication, where you can add another log-in step before getting access to your vault.

LastPass Pricing

LastPass offers different price plans fit for every purpose, may it be for personal or business use. You can use it for free, if you still want to test it before investing in the long term.

LastPass Personal Price Plans LastPass Personal Price Plans Photo: LastPass/ lastpass.com

Personal Price Plan:

  • Free: LastPass allows you to use certain features for free. This includes unlimited passwords, access on one device, saving and auto filling of passwords, one to one sharing, multifactor authentication and password generator. If you still need additional security, you may test the premium feature for 30 days before upgrading.
  • Premium: At $3 dollars per month, you’ll get access to all of LastPass' features, which includes dark web monitoring and the digital security dashboard.
  • Families: If you want to share the account with your family, then you can get this price plan that only costs $4 per month. It has all the premium features and can be used by at least six individuals. It has a family manager dashboard, so your family can also help you monitor your accounts from threats.

LastPass Business Price Plans LastPass Business Price Plans Photo: LastPass/ lastpass.com

Business Price Plan:

  • Teams: This plan allows 50 users in one account, with each one having their own vault. It comes with two-factor authentication, shared folders, zero-knowledge security model, dark web monitoring and digital security dashboard. It only costs $4 per month.
  • Business: At $6 per month, you’ll get an upgraded version of the team feature where it allows an unlimited number of users. You can customize user management, use advance SSO and MFA add-ons and many more.