Snapchat users all but gave up on the ephemeral messaging app when the best friends feature was deleted in late January. But after the ire subsided, coupled with Snapchat bringing back the ability to see who viewed each message, users once more warmed to the app. Now that most people are used to the best friends feature being gone, many are looking for a way to enhance their Snapchat experience.

1. The Replay Trick

One of the things that has made Snapchat so successful is that the pictures and videos are automatically deleted after they’re viewed. However, the new update changes that. If users go to settings, manage and then toggle the replay option, an image can be seen a second time.

2. The Text Trick

Snapchat users can write in different colors and also vary letter sizes and fonts. To make a font larger, tap the “T” symbol on the top right-hand corner. Before it’s submitted, change the color with the pallet. The text can then be moved around the screen and made larger or smaller by dragging it with your fingers.

3. The Color Trick

The Snapchat color pallet has a range of hues, but it lacks black, white and brown. This tip is only for iPhone users, since Android users already have this option. To create white, tap on the color palette and then drag your finger to the left screen without lifting it. To create black, use the same method but drag your finger to the bottom of the screen. To create brown, head right.

4. The Large Emoji Trick

This tip is similar to the text trick. For iPhone users, make sure the keyboard is open and then take a picture. Tap the “T” and then simply choose an emoji. It will appear larger on the screen.

5. The Existing Picture

To send a picture from your library, open up a direct message (DM) and press the yellow circle icon. Then you can pick an image that you previously took.

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