The show is called “Better Call Saul,” but the titular lawyer (Bob Odenkirk) was barely in episode 6 of the AMC series. “Five-O” was all about Mike (Jonathan Banks). Fans got the backstory of the former Philadelphia cop Monday and found out why he fled to New Mexico, along with the identity of the woman he was following in episode 5. These were some big revelations about Mike’s past that “Breaking Bad” never addressed.

It was revealed in a flashback that Mike arrived in New Mexico under suspicious circumstances – with a bullet in his shoulder. He met up with Stacey (Kerry Condon), his daughter-in-law and the woman from episode 5, and it became clear the two shared a tragedy in their pasts. Mike’s son Matthew was also a cop and had been killed on the job in Philadelphia. In the aftermath, Mike and Stacey’s relationship had soured as he became an alcoholic. Mike said he was now sober and ready to take care of Stacey and his granddaughter.

In the present, two other Philadelphia cops – Hoffman (Billy Malone) and Fenske (Lane Garrison) – who were with Mike’s son the night he died, had turned up dead as well. That's why the Philadelphia detectives showed up at Mike’s doorstep at the end of episode 5.

The detectives brought Mike in for questioning, clearly believing he had information, but he gave up nothing. He also enlisted Jimmy to be his lawyer, primarily just to pull a coffee-spilling gag to allow Mike to steal one of the detectives’ notebooks. In the notebook Mike found out that Stacey had tipped off the Philadelphia cops, hoping to get answers about Matthew. Mike confronted Stacey and finally told her the truth.

Apparently, Matthew had been offered kickback money from Fenske and Hoffman but was uncomfortable accepting it, putting him on the outs with the two cops. Mike convinced his son to take the money, hoping it would keep the target off Matthew’s back, but Hoffman and Fenske killed him anyway. In the present, Mike had killed Hoffman and Fenske in retaliation, faking his alcoholism to appear vulnerable and to have an excuse to leave the city. The episode ended with Mike asking Stacey if she could live with what had happened.

Will Mike be able to keep his name out of the investigation of Hoffman and Fenske’s murder, or will he need more legal assistance from Jimmy? Fans will have to wait to find out. “Better Call Saul” airs Mondays at 10 p.m. EDT on AMC.

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