• The food that you eat and the beverages you drink contribute to your longevity
  • One beverage is recommended by health experts to be drank daily to increase lifespan
  • This beverage is a hot cup of green tea

How to live longer is a quest that almost everyone engages in. A lot of people are conscious of the kind of food they eat, as well as the kind of beverages they drink. One hot drink that has been proven to help in lowering mortality is green tea. By drinking this daily, you would be able to increase life expectancy.

The Evergreen Studies

A study conducted in Japan by the Department of Public Health and Forensic Medicine showed how daily green tea consumption could result in reducing mortality. The study involved 40,530 people aged between 40 and 79.

The participants did not have a history of coronary heart disease, stroke, or cancer at the start of the experiment. They found after the 11-year experiment that green tea did wonder for the overall health of the participants and significantly reduced mortality rates. green tea for longevity green tea for longevity Photo: Free-Photos - Pixabay

In another study that was published in ScienceDirect, it also ascertained how consuming green tea was associated with the same great benefits as with other studies concerning mortality rates. In the above study, the researchers from the Department of Epidemiology at Okayama University Graduate School of Medicine investigated around 14,001 elderly citizens who were between 65 to 84 years old.

They completed a questionnaire, which asked them about the frequency of their green tea consumption. The researchers found that those who consumed up to 7 cups of green tea a day lived longer compared to those who consumed less than a cup.

As per the Division of Health in Warwick Medical School, it showed how green tea would create highly favorable effects, especially on getting the heart healthy and avoiding cardiovascular diseases. Aside from this, they also found out that green tea can help lower bad cholesterol. It also staves off high blood pressure. With all these great benefits that green tea provides to the body, you will experience what it is like to be healthier the moment you consume green tea.

More Longevity Tips

In addition to drinking green tea daily,  try to engage in a more active lifestyle. Try to engage in cardio exercises daily; you can spend 30 minutes a day to exercise. Also, try to control your blood sugar and blood pressure. Getting these under control will also help in giving you more years.