Will Beyonce be among the best Super Bowl halftime performers of all time? Tumblr/Beyonce

Beyoncé spoke with sportscasters Rich Eisen and Deion Sanders in a Super Bowl pregame interview on Thursday, where she remained quite elusive about the details of her halftime show performance.

The interview followed her halftime show press conference where she sang the “Star Spangled Banner” live -- her answer to criticisms about her lip-syncing at the Presidential Inauguration.

“I figured it was the best way to address it and move on,” Beyoncé told Eisen. “I love my job, I love my country, I love that I’m able to do what I was born to do so I’m proud.”

Eisen inquired about how she felt about performing in the Super Bowl, to which the singer replied, “This is the highlight of a career … I just can’t imagine how I’m going to feel when I’m really there and it’s live.”

Beyoncé said the halftime show is her favorite part of the Super Bowl, so she is especially happy to be part of the entertainment.

The sportscasters did their best to get Beyoncé to reveal some tidbits about the show, asking her about the number of wardrobe changes she will make, how many songs she will sing, and whether there will be other performers in the show that aren’t backup singers.

“I can’t tell you any answers to that,” she said. “You have to keep certain things a mystery. It’s entertainment. They have to be excited.”

Beyoncé would confirm only one thing, “I’ll be singing live,” she said with a large grin.

The singer also talked about her daughter, Blue Ivy, and said the one-year-old is starting to talk. She said that little Blue is a fan of her music and sings the “uh oh” from her hit single, “Crazy in Love,” and also does the famous hand gesture from “Single Ladies.”

About motherhood, Beyoncé says she loves it. “It’s so much more fulfilling that anything else in the world,” she added.

Beyoncé also released a second teaser clip from her halftime show rehearsals at Alario Center in Westwego, La., on Thursday. The clip follows her second day of reversals and suggests that the single “End of Time” is among the songs in her halftime show set list. Members of her live band and backup singers are seen performing the song to the delight of “the boss,” Beyoncé.