Beyoncé showed off a drastic new look Wednesday night via Instagram, chopping off her long hair into a daringly short 'do. The change comes a couple of weeks after the 31-year-old got her hair stuck in an electric fan during a concert in Montreal.

In three photos, Beyoncé can be seen looking in a mirror at her new hairstyle while in a dressing room.

Beyonce shocked fans when she shared a photograph of her new haircut on Instagram. Instagram
Beyoncé shows off a new haircut. Instagram
Beyoncé shows off her new look. Instagram

While hundreds of fans instantly liked the short haircut, reactions were mixed overall, and some even questioned if Beyoncé really cut her hair off or was sporting a wig. “As good as it looks, I can’t imagine it being a real cut,” one commenter wrote. Most people said the singer looked gorgeous as usual, and others complimented her on finally showing off a shorter look. “Yay! Bey with short hair!” wrote another. Of course, there were those who completely disliked the look, writing comments such as, “Noo :(” and “I hate her hair short, not cute.” Some said that, though they feel it is not her best look, she is still gorgeous. "I still love Beyonce ... even with that hideous haircut, she's a hottieeee & has an amazing voiceee [sic]!" one Twitter user said.

But this is not the first time Beyoncé has sported a short 'do. Back in 2008, the singer showed off a honey blonde 'do that was just a bit longer than her new haircut. She wore the look during a televised special for the Stand Up to Cancer campaign, but it was just a wig, and she immediately went back to her longer locks.

Meanwhile, Beyoncé and her husband, hip-hop mogul Jay Z, recently made headlines for reportedly giving their staff $6.4 million in bonuses this year. The pair has a full-time staff of 80 employees for the three homes they own in addition to staff at Jay Z’s 40/40 clubs. “He’s spreading the wealth around, and everyone is blown away. ... Nobody got left out. A lot of them couldn’t believe it and phoned his personal assistant to check that there hadn’t been some mistake,” a source told the Daily Star about the 43-year-old entrepreneur.