Beyonce is known for her sizzling hotness, her raw talent, and her unmatchable performances. So who better to kick off summer in Atlantic City, N.J., than Bey herself?

Beyonce headed to Atlantic City for a Memorial Day weekend performance at the Revel Resort's Ovation Hall. The comeback on Saturday marks Beyonce's first performance since giving birth to baby Blue Ivy Carter in January. And the 30-year-old new mother proved that her role as Mommy has not curbed her sex appeal.

Smart enough to make these millions / Strong enough to bear the children / Then get back to business, Beyonce sang to the audience in the sold-out venue -- an audience including U.S. first lady Michelle Obama and daughters Sasha and Malia -- from her girl-power single, Run the World (Girls).

Atlantic City's Revel Resort is the perfect spot for Beyonce's comeback, a woman who many call the greatest performer of this generation. The glittering $2.4 billion, 6.3-million-square-foot beachfront hotel is truly fit for a queen -- Queen B, that is.

Even Michelle Obama was starstruck.

The first lady recently told People magazine: Gosh, if I had some gift, I'd be Beyonce. I'd be some great singer. The power of music, being able to play an instrument. ... It looks like musicians just have the most fun.

The first lady's trip to Atlantic City came just one month after Beyonce published a letter to Michelle, dubbing her the ideal role model for her own baby girl Blue Ivy. [She is] the ultimate example of a truly strong African-American woman, wrote Beyonce.

She added: She is a caring mother, she's a loving wife, while at the same time, she is the FIRST LADY!!!!! No matter the pressure, and the stress of being under the microscope -- she's humble, loving and sincere.

Michelle, thank you so much for every single thing that u do for us -- I am proud to have my daughter grow up in a world where she has people like you to look up to.

Surely, Beyonce proved her own prowess Saturday night in Atlantic City (as if she needed to).

The superstar gave birth barely five months ago, and she is already back to business as usual. She even looks amazing doing it.

Beyonce told the largely female super sold-out crowd: 'Y'all don't know how hard I worked. I had to lose 60 pounds. Tonight, I'm going to get chocolate wasted!' reported music critic Daniel DeLuca.

On stage, the evidence of that hard work is everywhere apparent. That goes not just for the singer's svelte post-baby appearance in a series a barely-there outfits designed to call attention to her physique from the derriere down. Even the black 'Freakum Dress' she wore in the song of that name would better be described as a 'freakum leotard.'

Check out Beyonce's performance at the Revel Resort in Atlantic City below. The singer is slated for two more performances in A.C. on Sunday and Monday.