Months after celebrating her 31st birthday on a yacht with her family in France, Beyonce has released new pictures of her vacation on her official website.

The pictures show a fresh-faced Beyonce enjoying her birthday cake, sunbathing, and relaxing in a sweater that has a "J" on it — most likely in acknowledgment of her husband, Jay-Z.

The couple missed the VMA Awards, and instead spent the week living lavishly while doting on their eight-month old daughter, Blue Ivy.

During their holiday in the south of France, the power couple spent their time jet-skiing, dining, drinking wine and relaxing in hot tubs.

Blue Ivy clearly is already living the good life. Jay-Z told talk show host Oprah earlier this year, "at the end of the day, I just know I'll probably have the worst, most spoiled little kid ever."

The New York Post reported that the rapper spent $600,000 on a solid-gold, handmade horse from Japanese jeweler Ginza Tanaka for Blue Ivy, and Beyonce and Jay-Z reportedly spent $1.5 million on gifts for their now six-month old child.

On his rap song, "H.A.M.," released last year, Jay-Z raps, "You ain't got my lady's money!" It's true.

Beyonce earned a cool $35 million in 2011, Forbes reported. The Daily Mail states that she spent $1 million on her Mercedes van, which is said to have a full bathroom with a shower, sink and toilet. She also bought Jay-Z a luxury plane for Father's Day, worth a whopping $40 million, according to IBTimes UK.

Check out some of the latest photos of the superstar enjoying her 31st birthday above.