American R&B singer Beyoncé Knowles, who recently announced that she was pregnant with her first child, has come out and fervently denied the sensational rumor that made rounds online on Tuesday. The rumor, accompanied by interview footage, showed her belly appearing to change shape and fold mysteriously as she sits.

The footage seemed to add to the speculation that Beyonce was wearing a padded belly and is not really pregnant.

Beyonce’s spokesperson told ABC news the rumors about the 30-year-old singer faking pregnancy by wearing a fake baby bump are all “stupid, ridiculous and false.

The incident in question, captured by the camera as Beyonce sat down to promote her new album on a popular television program in Australia, seemed to suggest that her baby bump wasn't real.

Beyonce reiterated that her baby is due in February and that she felt “graceful and blessed” to be expecting her first child, during an interview for a television progam, “Sunday Night.

Previously, Beyonce had been accused of “exaggerating the look of her bump,” and some even called it “weird” and “unbelievable.

The recently released footage has also fueled earlier rumors that a surrogate mother may actually be carrying Beyonce's baby.

Check out the video and photographs of Beyonce and judge for yourself.