When President Joe Biden delivers his joint address to Congress on Wednesday night, he will lay out an estimated $1.8 trillion plan dedicated to universal preschool, free community college, and more.

An estimated $300 billion is expected to be directed toward funding education, $225 billion would be designated to subsidizing paid family leave, and another $225 billion would fund childcare.

Biden’s education plan, which is a part of the American Families Plan proposal, would allow for universal preschool for all children between the ages of three and four-year-olds.

“These investments will give American children a head start and pave the way for the best-educated generation in U.S. history,” the administration said in a statement.

To carry out the plans, federal funds would be directed to assist states financially so they can offer free preschool and pay faculty. Teachers are expected to be offered professional development, job-embedded coaching, and more.

Educators will also have the opportunity to pursue scholarships to further their education, like attaining additional credentials to assist with their careers in education or earning a bachelor’s degree.

The plan would also allow Americans to attend two years of community college for free. This particular portion of the plan would not be income-related, which means every American, regardless of their household’s annual income can attend.

The Biden administration believes a focus on social programs that aid families could help decrease deficits in the future. 

The investment in the human infrastructure is expected to focus on aiding in child care, education, health care, and other aspects of everyday life for Americans.

US President Joe Biden speaks about updated CDC guidance on masks for people who are fully vaccinated during an event in front of the White House April 27, 2021, in Washington, DC. US President Joe Biden speaks in front of the White House April 27, 2021, in Washington, DC. Photo: AFP / Brendan Smialowski