“Big Brother” changed up many things for its “All-Stars” season this year and it appears that trend will continue this week.

During Thursday’s live eviction, CBS viewers will see not one, not two, but a game-changing three players eliminated from the 2020 game. So, who is in danger of being put on the chopping block and being sent to the jury house?

First up is Head of Household Cody’s nominees: Kevin and David. While Cody toyed with the idea of using the Power of Veto earlier in the week, he ended up leaving the nominations the same, which means one of the two contestants will be leaving the house on Thursday.

As for who is walking out the door, all signs point to it being Kevin. Cody has made it clear he thinks keeping David around longer could benefit his alliance, The Committee.

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When it comes to Thursday’s other two evictions, the houseguests have not been outright told a triple eviction is in the wings, though many have voiced concerns a double eviction or a similar twist is coming.

During Tuesday night’s live feed, one of the Wise Guys alliances, Cody, Memphis, and Enzo, commented on David being an “easy target” during a double eviction. The trio also agreed to support Christmas in getting out Dani, should she win Head of Household.

But should Christmas not win HOH, she could also be in danger. Outside of Tyler, who she has a final two deal with, the rest of the house is “kind of over her,” notes the Big Brother Network. During Monday’s live feed, Cody openly said he wants to take out Christmas “right away” and suggested nominating her and Dani next.

Dani doesn’t just have Cody and Christmas to worry about, either. Her own ally, Nicole, and Tyler are “ready to get her out,” noted the outlet. Enzo also recently suggested putting Dani on the block should he win an upcoming HOH competition.

The next episode of “Big Brother” airs Wednesday at 8 p.m. EDT for the Power of Veto competition. This week’s live eviction will take place over two hours starting at 8 p.m. EDT Thursday on CBS.

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Pictured are "Big Brother All-Stars" cast members (clockwise) Nicole, Cody, Kevin, Dani, Christmas, and David. CBS Broadcasting, Inc.