“Big Brother” Season 21 is down to its final stretch. The hit CBS reality TV show will air its two-hour finale episode next week.

Warning: This article contains spoilers from “Big Brother” Season 21. Read at your own risk!

In last Sunday’s episode, Jackson was crowned as the new Head of Household (HOH). Since there are only four other houseguests left, Jackson doesn’t have much option when it comes to the person that he will nominate.

During the nomination ceremony, Jackson decided to put Cliff and Tommy up for eviction. This move wasn’t necessarily surprising since Jackson has been protecting Nicole and Holly for the past couple of weeks.

But if Cliff and Nicole are smart players, they should know that Jackson is only keeping Nicole safe because he knows that he could beat her in the jury votes.

Shortly after the nominations were named, the remaining houseguests played in the Power of Veto (POV) competition, and Nicole won. Since she has been aligned with Cliff since the beginning, she decided to take him off the block.

Jackson was forced to put Holly up for eviction since she’s the only houseguest left. On Thursday, Cliff and Nicole would have to choose the person that they want to save and the person that they want to evict.

Even though Cliff and Nicole vowed to have a final four with Jackson and Nicole, they could finally target the last remaining showmance in the game. By now, Cliff and Nicole should know that Jackson and Holly won’t take them to the final two.

Cliff and Nicole also had a conversation with Tommy. During their discussion, the three houseguests thought about saving Tommy instead of Holly so that they could target Jackson next week.

Since Jackson can’t play in the HOH game next week, Cliff, Nicole, or Tommy will be crowned as the final HOH for the season. The three of them could finally evict Jackson out before the finale night.