This week’s Power of Veto (POV) winner just drew a line in the sand – again.

Warning: This article contains spoilers from “Big Brother” Season 21. Read at your own risk!

Jackson was named as this week’s Head of Household (HOH). And even though he didn’t want to win another HOH, he was forced to fight until the end because he didn’t want Tommy to win.

This week’s HOH made it clear that he wants Jessica out of the competition. But since he’s expected to put up two houseguests, Jackson was contemplating whether he should use Cliff as a pawn or just put Christie up on the block. He chose the second option.

Unfortunately for Jackson, it seems that half of his plan won’t materialize this week. After all, Tommy was crowned as this week’s POV winner. And the Broadway star made it very clear that he’s aligned with Christie.

Tommy used his POV and removed Christie from the block. This forced Jackson to put up a replacement nominee. He’s now pulling through with his initial plan to put Cliff up as a pawn.

But here’s where things could get tricky. Jackson has a final four deal with Holly, Nicole, and Cliff. This is the reason why he doesn’t want to put Cliff up on the block. But knowing Jack, he is only aligning himself with Cliff and Nicole because he thinks that at the end of the day, he could win over them with the jury’s votes.

Tommy and Christie just realized that Nicole and Cliff may be working with Jackson and Holly. And this may influence their vote come Thursday night. Instead of voting with the house to send Jess packing, it would be better for Tommy and Christie’s game to save Jess and work with them.

If this happens, Cliff could be in danger of going home. Unless he gives Tommy and Christie a pitch that could change their mind.

“Big Brother” Season 21 will return to CBS on Wednesday.

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Tommy Bracco of "Big Brother" Season 21. CBS