“Big Brother” alums Jessica Graf and Cody Nickson’s relationship is still going strong!

The couple, who also participated in “The Amazing Race,” may also be headed for marriage soon. While speaking with Entertainment Tonight, Graf admitted that she and Nickson always talk about marriage.

“Of course I want to be engaged soon. That’s not a question. He knows that,” she said.

Nickson, who may already be planning his proposal, said that he wants it to be a complete blindside for his girlfriend. “The more it’s talked about, the more I just want to keep pushing it out. If there is an engagement, I want it to be a complete blindside and I can’t do that when everyone keeps talking about it,” he said.

And when they finally tie the knot, Graf said that they want to start a family in Nickson’s hometown in Dallas, Texas. The couple want to have a lot of kids, but Graf said that she’s only open to have three or four children. Nickson already has a five-year-old daughter named Paisley, who Graf gets along with really well.

“She’s amazing. I love her to pieces. She’s like, the cutest most perfect little human,” Graf gushed.

Meanwhile, the couple also talked about their professional endeavors. After wrapping up filming for “The Amazing Race,” Graf and Nickson will have the chance to watch the show on television starting this week, and they plan to do so together.

But when it came to “Big Brother,” Graf encouraged Nickson to not watch their season on television that’s why he still has no idea what actually transpired on the show.

Nickson isn’t also interested to see himself on TV because he didn’t have a positive experience while inside the house. As a result, he doesn’t want his love for “Big Brother” to change just because of his negative experiences.

Additionally, he’s not also comfortable with the idea of seeing himself on television. “There’s this odd thing about seeing yourself on TV, almost a fascination. It doesn’t feel like I’m watching TV. It just feels like I’m back in the house and I didn’t like being in there,” he said.