Scott Dennis
Scott Dennis was backdoored and evicted in “Big Brother Over The Top” this week. CBS

“Big Brother Over The Top” contestant Scott Dennis recently shared his thoughts about being backdoored and evicted from the CBS All Access show.

Speaking with Big Brother Network, Dennis admitted that he was surprised when Danielle refused to use the Power of Veto (POV) on him especially since she promised she would. Additionally, Jason and Justin told the latest evictee that he would be taken off the block. On the morning before his elimination, Dennis asked Danielle if the POV will really be used on him so he could stay in the house. After all, he was certain all of the girls would vote him out.

“I didn’t want to overplay and really hammer it in to Danielle that she should keep me in the house because when three on the other side of the house tell you you’re going to come off the block, it doesn’t seem like a situation where you should overplay and potentially ruin a good thing that you already have going,” he explained.

Following his eviction, Dennis told The Hollywood Reporter that he felt that America didn’t like him very much because he seemed like a boring person. On top of this, half of the house was vocal that they didn’t want to work with him in the competition, so the American viewers may not have felt a connection with him.

Despite his issues inside the house, Dennis found comfort in one of his fellow houseguests, Alex. “I wanted to put all my eggs of Alex’s basket. She’s been my rock. Obviously I have made love for all those girls. All four of those girls – Alex, Shelby, Morgan and Whitney – all are strong, smart beautiful, kind women,” he said.

In other news, Jason received the Co-HoH package this week on “Big Brother Over the Top.” This meant that he will be working with Shelby as the Heads of Households. The package also guarantees Jason’s safety in the coming week.

“Big Brother Over The Top” airs weekly on CBS All Access.