Neeley Jackson
Neeley Jackson was evicted during week 4 in “Big Brother Over The Top.” CBS

“Big Brother Over The Top” recently said goodbye to one of its houseguests, Neeley.

While speaking with Entertainment Weekly, host Julie Chen said that she didn’t know why America voted to evict Neeley when she saw her as a fair and honest person. In fact, Chen was shocked to see her go because she served as the peacemaker in the house during the first four weeks. “But maybe America felt the way Jason did: I believe the word her used for her was ‘annoying,’” she said.

The difference between “Big Brother Over The Top” and the regular seasons of “Big Brother” plays an important role in determining the fate of each houseguest. The evictees in the online spinoff are partially decided upon by the viewers of the show. In the latter, the houseguests are the ones who have the power to eliminate the other contestants.

Chen understands how crucial it is for the current houseguests to stay on America’s good side. According to her, it is very important to be genuine. “The camera doesn’t lie, and if you are a big phony, it’ll show. Just one problem, if you are genuinely not a likeable person, then you’re screwed,” she said.

In other news, the latest Head of Household (HOH) competition took place this week immediately after Scott was sent home. The remaining houseguests participated in a face-morph competition where each of them guessed which facial part belonged to a particular houseguest. According to the Big Brother Network, a new HOH hasn’t been declared, but it’s highly likely that Shelby will be crowned this week. However, Morgan, Jason and Justin have yet to participate in the game which is still ongoing. All three have to beat Shelby’s record of three minutes and 42 seconds.

“Big Brother Over The Top” airs weekly on CBS All Access.