“Big Brother” Season 18 will air a special episode on Friday night.

No details about the upcoming installment have been released by CBS. A few weeks ago, the evicted houseguests participated in the Battle Back competition for a second chance at winning $500,000. The episode aired on Friday night, and host Julie Chen announced the special schedule beforehand. This time around, Chen only confirmed that there will be an episode on Friday, but the host didn’t say anything more.

Here are 4 speculations about what could be in store for the houseguests in the special Friday episode this week.

1. Round Trip ticket continuation

According to Big Brother Network, the evicted houseguest will have the chance to return to the house if he or she got the Round Trip ticket in the previous weeks. Majority of the houseguests discovered a secret room where Round Trip tickets were found. Each of them had the chance to pick  one card, and one of the cards contains a big reward. Whichever houseguest gets the ticket will get the chance to return to the house immediately.

2. One juror returns

The publication is always speculating on the possibility of a juror returning to the “Big Brother” house.  As of late, Da’Vonne, Zakiyah and Bridgette make up this season’s jurors. On Thursday, they will be joined by either Paulie, Corey or another houseguest.

3. Series of competitions to be held

At present, the backyard right outside the “Big Brother” house has been locked down. The houseguests have no idea why and when the backyard will be reopened. It was later on revealed in the live feeds that Ziggy Marley will be performing at a carnival fair-inspired event. There are rumors that the houseguests will be playing carnival games.

4. Zingbot stays longer than usual

Zingbot is arriving in the house this week. The robot is well-known for throwing shade at the houseguests. Wouldn’t it be exciting to see the robot stay for a much longer time in the house? According to People, Zingbot will be around during the Power of Veto competition that will air on Wednesday night.

“Big Brother” Season 18 airs Sundays, Wednesdays and Thursdays on CBS.