Julie Chen
Julie Chen was surprised to see Alex Willett go last week in “Big Brother Over The Top.” CBS

“Big Brother” will release a special 10-week edition which will air on CBS Digital Access this fall.

In an interview with Zap2It, CBS Interactive president Marc DeBevoise shared some exciting details about the upcoming installment, including major changes that will take place.

1 Julie Chen will still be part of the fall edition, but she is not the show's host

According to DeBevoisse, “Big Brother’s” current host Julie Chen will still be part of the upcoming episodes. However, she will not be the host, but the houseguests’ go-to person. “The show’s a little different, so the role isn’t exactly the same. But she will have her lead role in the show… She’s going to be the main person,” he said.

2 The digital episodes will be "re-imagined"

DeBevoise said that they have thought of some ways on how to involve the former houseguests in the upcoming seasons. For instance, “Big Brother” Season 11 contestant Jeff Schroeder now does interviews with the houseguests, as well as live feeds. CBS president Glenn Gellar explained, “They’re working on what the format is going to be, so it’s not going to be exactly how summer is. It’s going to be digital edition.”

3 Former houseguests may be re-invited, but summer season is the priority

“Big Brother” executive producer Rich Meehan said that they are still contemplating on whether or not inviting former houseguests will be good for the fall edition of the reality TV show. His co-executive producer Allison Grodner added that it would be best to feature returning houseguests in the summer season and not in the special edition. “It could happen, you never know… But there’s some legends that maybe you save for summer ‘Big Brother’ in the future, seeing as we just got picked up for two more seasons,” she said.

In season 18, four houseguests from the previous seasons returned to play the game. Unfortunately, only “Big Brother” Season 17 cast member James and season 16 Nicole are still competing for the $500,000 cash prize. Season 17 houseguest Da’Vonne and season 14 houseguest Frank have already been evicted, according to Big Brother Network.

4 New episodes will be more exciting because they take place online

The show will be “without restrictions of broadcast television to make it a little bit more interesting.”

The premiere date for “Big Brother” special fall edition has not been confirmed by CBS yet.