‘Big Brother’
How will Jessica Graf and Cody Nickson use their power in “Big Brother” Season 19 this week? CBS

“Big Brother” Season 19 finally revealed that Jessica Graf received this week’s “Den of Temptation,” the “Halting Hex.”

Since Cody Nickson’s eviction last week, it has been more evident that Jessica can really play her own game, and her decisions are actually smart for her own benefit. Despite receiving the “Halting Hex,” which gives Jessica the opportunity to stop one of the four upcoming evictions, she decides not to use it this week. Even though she was nominated, it was clear to Jessica that Dominique was the target. And the votes didn’t lie on Thursday night because all 10 houseguests voted to get rid of her.

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But what they don’t know is that Dominique may have a chance to return to “Big Brother” Season 19 in the coming days. On Friday, there will be a special Battle Back episode where Cody, Dominique, Jillian Parker and Cameron Heard will compete against each other and only one of them will have a second chance at bringing home the $500,000 grand prize.

Meanwhile, “Big Brother” host Julie Chen recently mentioned that there’s another twist in the house. Since Jessica accepted the temptation, the entire house will suffer the curse. Chen also said that the Battle Back episode this year will be different from last year. Even though she didn’t share any details, the host said that whoever wins on Friday will enter the house, but the curse will be revealed next Thursday night.

Thursdays are reserved for evictions in the hit CBS reality TV competition. As of late, there are speculations that the curse may have a connection with the Battle Back competition. It was previously mentioned by Chen that one houseguest will also have the power to prevent one houseguest from returning. But since Jessica has the “Halting Hex” and Cody will most likely win if there will be an endurance competition, will this power be used? Or will Jessica simply wait for the next time that she gets nominated and halt the eviction process while putting a target on her back?

“Big Brother” Season 19 will return to CBS on Sunday at 8 p.m. EDT.