A new Bigfoot video has gone viral despite a study debunking the creature's existence. Wikipedia Commons

Bigfoot fans were dealt a blow by a study from Oxford University debunking the existence of Sasquatch. While science says Bigfoot is not real, a new “proof” video has gone viral as people refuse to let the famous cryptid die.

A video uploaded June 28 to YouTube by user Randy O’Neal has received over 750,000 views. According to the user, he was on a camping trip in Virginia with his father 25 years ago when they encountered an unknown creature. He said he thought he saw red eyes in the bushes and his father told him to shoot at the creature. O’Neal said the creature let out a scream and ran off and when the group checked out the area in the morning, the creature had cleared a huge path.

The family story went viral after O’Neal uploaded new photos taken by his father 25 years after the campfire incident. In the comments, O’Neal said he is not trying to trick anyone nor would his father be able to alter the images. As O’Neal says: “This is the true story and if you are a believer then you will believe. If not, then you won't.” O’Neal’s video, story and explanation were also met with plenty of skepticism but there were a few believers as well.

According to the Fredericksburg Patch, Virginia is a known hotbed for Bigfoot sightings. While the existence of Bigfoot has been doubted, researchers at the University of Oxford published a study that definitely concluded dozens of hair samples that were examined did not come from a Bigfoot or Yeti, but from cows, wolves and other known animals.

Bigfoot videos or proof will continue to surface despite the findings from Oxford. Speaking to the Associated Press, the study’s lead researcher, Bryan Sykes said, “The fact that none of these samples turned out to be [a Yeti] doesn't mean the next one won't.”

Ryan O’Neal’s Bigfoot video can be viewed below.