Cosby Divorce
Bill Cosby's wife, Camille Cosby, may serve the comedian divorce papers while he is in prison for sexual assault. Cosby arrives for the second day of jury deliberations in the retrial of his sexual assault case at the Montgomery County Courthouse in Norristown, Pennsylvania, on April 26, 2018. Getty Images/DOMINICK REUTER

Bill Cosby may be getting a divorce from his wife Camille Cosby during his prison stay at the State Correctional Institute Phoenix in Collegeville, Pennsylvania.

Camille, 74, is ready to serve divorce papers to the comic despite him being locked up, according to a Radar Online source.

“Camille is actively getting advice from several of the top divorce lawyers in the country,” a source told the outlet. “It’s only a matter of time before she files the papers.”

The couple celebrated their 55th wedding anniversary on Jan. 25 while Cosby was in prison. Camille, hardly spoke a word to her husband on that day, according to Radar Online.

“For every other couple, that would have been a big celebration, but Camille could hardly be bothered to pick up the phone,” a source said. “She talked to him for four minutes before hanging up. It’s pretty obvious she doesn’t care about him anymore.”

Camille has also reportedly completely avoided the SCI Phoenix prison, where Cosby is being held for three to 10 years. “Camille hasn’t visited Cosby in jail.— not once! She doesn’t even want to be on his visitation list,” a source added.

To avoid seeing her husband, Camille has taken up a swimming routine that is conveniently scheduled during his free time at the prison, according to the site.

Cosby, 81, is in prison for sexual assault.