Our own Facebook founder is engaged! If you come across this news in any of the online gossip sites you glance at while browsing the net, you'd probably cast that aside. But what if the source of that information is someone like Microsoft founder Bill Gates?

In an interview with British newspaper the Daily Mail, Gates said 27-year-old Mark Zuckerberg is engaged to his longtime girlfriend, Priscilla Chan. Gates, a friend of the young Facebook founder, let slip the unconfirmed news while talking about their philanthropic efforts.

His fiancée Priscilla thought about education and he gave money to Newark, New Jersey, and we did a co-grant so that some of our people who had some expertise in that field could help him out. He deserves credit. I started meaningful philanthropy in my forties. He's starting way earlier , Gates told the paper.

However, the revelation by Gates has been turned down by a spokeswoman for Facebook, saying that it was an unintentional error.

If [Mark is engaged, Bill Gates] knows something I don't know. Gates's communications guy just wrote to apologize for the misunderstanding, Facebook's head of communications Elliot Schrage said, when inquired about the rumor.

Zuckerberg's relationship status on Facebook also denies Gates' statement. Zuck hasn't clicked on Engaged till yet.