Blac Chyna created some drama Thursday when she posted a photo of texts from "King's Father," which were apparently from Tyga. Reuters

It seems Blac Chyna does not want to leave Kylie Jenner alone. The two women have come to blows on social media over Tyga -- even though they’ve never called out each other by name -- and the model continued the Instagram battle when she posted a photo of texts from “King’s Father.” The couple share a son, 2-year-old King Cairo, and Chyna made it known that “King’s Father” wants her back.

Here’s how the first text exchange goes, according to her Instagram post:

King’s Father: “Can I just come for a lil. Just us 3. Do something or spend a lil time. Just wanna talk real with u for a min.”

The second screenshot goes as follows:

King’s Father: “Call me when you can. I want to be with u. I want to be positive. I want to be a family again. Want to start this friendship. Relationship.”

Within an hour, the post was liked 66,500 times by her 2.6 million followers. While it seems evident that Tyga wants Chyna back, based on the texts, it could all be a setup. She could simply have had that conversation with a friend and then changed the name to “Kings Father” to make it seem authentic, but not obvious.

Jenner, 17, has not responded. Neither has Tyga. But an hour before she posted the text, he issued a telling tweet. “Give it up. Get over it. Live Your Life,” he wrote.

Even though Jenner and Chyna won’t call each other out by name, they make it evident there’s a problem between them. To make things more awkward, Tyga and Jenner haven’t publicly confirmed their relationship. The rapper is 25 and the reality star is 17. Chyna tweeted she was going to “jump” someone in four months Wednesday, which is when Jenner turns 18. The message has now been deleted.

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