A woman was bitten early on Tuesday during an encounter with a black bear and cubs outside her Longwood home.

The Florida Fish and Wildlife officials stated the bite happened right after midnight near their home within the Springs neighborhood, on Wild Holly Lane.

Officials stated the woman let her dog out and that is when it encountered an adult female bear with her two cubs. The bear proceeded to bite the woman’s ankle but left the dog alone.

The woman’s husband told the 911 dispatcher she was out walking the dog when a bear attacked her.

A report from the Seminole County Sheriff’s Office illustrates she tripped getting inside the garage while running from the bear. Her husband reiterated she smashed her head twice during the confusion.

The Seminole County Sheriff’s office claimed the victim’s dog is the one that ran toward the bear cubs. When the owner called the dog back, the bears approached, and the owner then tripped and fell while she was trying to get to safety.

It must have been then when the black bear excited by the potential prey scratched or bit her ankle. It may have been a reactionary measure as well though, considering the dog provoked the bear by approaching the cubs, which is extremely dangerous.

Later during the day, residents reported a bear and the cubs were in a tree across from the Springs neighborhood.

Wildlife officials claimed the woman’s injuries are not life-threatening, fortunately.

The Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission released a statement though saying they were thankful the injuries sustained were not serious, and they advocated for public safety.

They will, however, be talking to residents and giving information to help reduce the number of conflicts between people and bears.

The bears are more active during this time of the year as they feed to stock up on the winter months.

They would also be canvassing the neighborhoods of the Springs area in an attempt to trap the black bear. According to the FWC police, they are mandated to capture any bear which has proven to be a risk to public safety.

They also claimed if they caught the bear, they would have to put it down.

The FWC recommended some tips for the deterrence of bears. These include securing the garbage in bear-resistant dumpsters, feeding the pets indoors and cleaning the grills and storing them in a secure place. The other tip is to reduce wildlife feeders or making them resistant to bears.

Black bear Pixabay