A California black bear that found its way onto a residential area in South Lake Tahoe decided to take a quick nap inside a family car.

The bizarre event was captured by a Ring CCTV camera installed on the garage of Adam Armstrong's home. He was fast asleep inside his home on November 16 at around 1:14 a.m. when it happened.

The footage showed the enormous black bear appearing behind three boulders on Armstrong's driveway. It then made its way to the rear passenger door of his Subaru, stood up on its hind legs and opened the door with ease.

Black Bear In LA
A black bear was spotted at Granada Hills, California, on Tuesday afternoon taking a dip in a residents pool. The bear was captured and sent to Angeles National Forest. In the photo: An adult black bear walks through a residential neighborhood. Montrose, California, September 9, 2012. Getty Images/David McNew

At first glance, the bear seemed to be looking for food. Apparently, the animal didn't find any inside Armstrong's car. But instead of turning the other direction, the black bear somehow managed to squeeze its entire size in the car and comfortably positioned itself and dozed off.

“When we woke up in the morning, the car door was still open so we were a little confused,” Armstrong told The Sun. It was only when they watched the CCTV footage that they discovered what had happened while they were asleep.

Armstrong added that bears visit their house a lot, but it was the first time the animal did something that surprising.

Despite the sheer size of the bear, it didn't even left a scratch on the car.

Wildlife managers and animal activists are urging Lake Tahoe residents to be cautious and vigilant as bear-related incidents on the area are rising, said Herald Publicist.

They also advised them to “take steps to mitigate bear and human interactions” even though bears are commonly seen on properties in search for food.