• Asta fights valiantly against the fused devils – Lilith and Naamah
  • Asta uses his first sword against the devils
  • "Black Clover" Chapter 290 is releasing this Sunday

Asta is not afraid of the giant high-ranking devil as he manages to become bigger too. "Black Clover" Chapter 290 is likely to continue the clash between Asta and the fused devils as Magna and Zora watch the epic battle unfold.

The last page of "Black Clover" Chapter 289 shows Magna and Zora grinning and admiring Asta’s massive sword and form.

It will be interesting to see how Asta takes this decisive battle forward. Also, it remains to be seen how the fused devils counter against Asta’s anti-magic attacks.

The previous chapter opens with Asta’s Demon-Destroyer sword ripping Naamah into two. Lilith uses magic to keep Asta away from Naamah. Lilith smiles and states it is a shame Asta got Naamah first.

Lilith holds whatever is left of Naamah’s head and tells him it is time to play together.

Asta and Nacht watch in shock as Lilith fuses her body with Naamah’s. The next panel in "Black Clover" Chapter 289 shows the new form of Lilith and Naamah. The fused devils declare Asta as their ultimate prey and they can’t wait to hear him scream in agony.

Meanwhile, Nacht notes their power is beyond just one plus one. The magic of the fused devils is incredibly massive and Nacht feels it is driving him insane. However, Asta remains clueless because of his anti-magic abilities. He tells the devils they might be amazing, but he can’t tell how awesome their magic is since he cannot sense any magic.

The devils hear Asta and start to release their magic. Asta counters the magic using his sword and is able to cut through it. The fused devils float above the Spade Castle and create a massive ball of ice and fire.

They are ready to show them their true power and reveal that Asta may remain unharmed but everyone else will perish.

Asta notes the devils have gotten bigger and he can do the same. He unleashes his first sword and attacks the ball of magic.

"Black Clover" Chapter 290 is scheduled to hit the stands this Sunday. Fans can grab the digital copy of the chapter on Viz and Manga Plus.

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