• Asta uses Demon-Destroyer to kill one of the devils
  • Lilith and Naamah fuse their bodies in the chapter
  • "Black Clover" Chapter 289 is set to release Sunday

Asta manages to slice through one of the high-ranking devils, but he will be in for a shocker as the devils – Lillith and Naamah – are not going down so easily. The latest chapter of "Black Clover" is reportedly titled "Freezing Sun."

Reddit user KamikazeMender shared the latest spoilers for "Black Clover" Chapter 289. It starts with Asta cutting through one of the twin devils. However, Lilith and Naamah fuse their bodies. Asta is not expecting this move but he is ready to fight for his mentor, Nacht.

The battle between Asta and the fused devils begins. In "Black Clover" Chapter 289, the fused devils will use a spell called the Freezing Sun. The spell is troublesome for Nacht but Asta cannot feel it.

Asta is able to survive the Freezing Sun attack likely due to his anti-magic abilities. The Freezing Sun spell is the combined power of Lilith and Naamah and is quite powerful against the opponents.

Asta brings out a bigger version of the Black Divider sword to fight the fused devils. Using the Black Divider, Asta pushes back the Freezing Sun.

"Black Clover" Chapter 289 also brings back Zora and Magna. It remains to be seen if they will arrive toward the end of the chapter.

In the previous chapter, Asta races toward the castle where Nacht is fighting against Lilith and Naamah. As soon as Asta arrives, Nacht tells him to focus on the Dark Triad. However, Asta ignores his command and tells him he will fight the devils.

Nacht remembers his brother Morgen and wonders if Asta and Morgen are alike. Asta freaks out as he wasted a minute. He only has five minutes before his Devil Union form vanishes.

As Asta advances to attack, Lilith and Naamah's physical bodies disappear. The devils mock Asta for his weak efforts.

Later, Asta unleashes his third sword, named Demon-Destroyer, and uses it to cut right through one of the devils.

"Black Clover" Chapter 289 is scheduled to hit the stands Sunday. Fans can read the digital copy of the chapter on Manga Plus and Viz.

Asta from Black Clover
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