• Lucifero and Asta's battle is on
  • "Black Clover" Chapter 328 is coming out Sunday
  • The chapter will be available on Viz and Manga Plus

The battle between Asta and Lucifer is reaching its peak and Asta is not willing to give up on himself or his loved ones. The latest leaks and spoilers of "Black Clover" Chapter 328 are out hinting at Lucifer going hard on Asta.

A Reddit user named AugustusKiraClover has shared the summary of the leaks of "Black Clover" Chapter 328. The chapter starts with Lucifer pinning Asta down to the ground using a magic spell.

The chapter then goes into flashback mode and shows Licita telling Liebe about her child and why she had to let go of him.

In "Black Clover" Chapter 328, Licita tells Liebe that she is not fit to be a mother. Coming back to the present, Lucifer attempts to punch Asta but for some reason, his attack fails to work.

Suddenly, Lucifer recalls Licita and Liebe. He tells Liebe that he feels he is Licita, the woman who interfered with his affairs in the past.

Lucifer tries to punch again but this time Asta cuts him in half. However, it is unclear if Asta could slice the villain's heart.

Toward the end of "Black Clover" Chapter 328, Asta's Devil Union comes undone. Lucifer is seen on the ground and Asta and Liebe are seen standing in front of him. They tell him they will win and live.

In the previous chapter of "Black Clover" manga, titled "Anti Magic," Liebe and Asta's new form blocked Lucifero's punch. Lucifero appeared confused because Asta was still magicless in the battle.

He punched the duo in the face but it had no effect whatsoever. Asta and Liebe held Lucifero by his wrist and noted that they were no longer overlapping each other but merging with the earnest desire to beat Lucifero.

Meanwhile, Lucifero figured they were negating all kinds of magic spells. He immediately freed himself and went after them with his mighty punches.

"Black Clover" Chapter 328 is set to release this Sunday. Fans can get their hands on the digital version of the chapter on Manga Plus and Viz.

"Black Clover" manga is created by Yuki Tabata.

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