Black Friday and Cyber Monday are prime shopping days for gamers—especially those looking for an excuse to finally grab the latest hardware that they’ve seen their early adopting friends brag about. This year, the best shopping days of the year happen to bring the opportunity to get the more souped-up version of current generation consoles with the Xbox One X and the PlayStation 4 Pro.

Black Friday 2017 Xbox One X Deals

The Xbox One X just hit the market earlier this month. Effectively acting as the Xbox One.5, the console plays the same games as current generation Xbox One consoles but does so with improved performance. The console can display games in 4K resolution and allows gamers to enjoy their favorite titles at a faster frame rate.

Because the console is so new—it was officially released on November 7—and will be in high demand among gamers looking for an upgrade to their current console, finding an Xbox One X will likely be a difficult enough challenge, let alone trying to find one at a discounted price.

Most stores have the Xbox One X listed at its retail price of $499. It can be purchased online through the Microsoft Store, Amazon, GameStop and Newegg, among others. It’s worth noting that most online storefronts list the Xbox One X as a pre-order or as out of stock and likely will not deliver the console immediately.

In store offers on the Xbox One X are also difficult to find. Big box retailers like Best Buy, Target and Walmart are all expected to have at least some quantities of the console in stock for the big shopping days—though don’t expect to find a discount.

Black Friday PlayStation 4 Pro Sales

The PlayStation 4 Pro, like the Xbox One X, is something like a half-step between the current generation of console and a whole new generation. It plays PS4 titles, it just does so in a much more efficient manner while producing more impressive results in terms of graphics and performance—and can stream video if 4K, if you use your gaming console as part of your entertainment center.

The PS4 Pro has been on the market for just over one year now, which would make it ripe for a price drop during Black Friday and Cyber Monday. Unfortunately, Sony has very little reason to slash the price point on the PS4 Pro, as it’s already cheaper than the Xbox One X at its standard retail price of $399.

There is one notable sale involving the PS4 Pro taking place at GameStop. The video game retailer will be offering the 1TB version of the PS4 Pro on sale for $50 off the retail price, making the console just $350.

GameStop will open up at 4pm on Thanksgiving Day, November 23. You won’t have to ditch Thanksgiving dinner to grab the deal, though; the sale price for the PS4 Pro will be valid through November 26.

As for the rest of the major retailers, the console will be available at its standard price point of $399. Some retailers have special edition bundles of the PS4 Pro available. Best Buy, Target and Walmart will all have the console in stock. Amazon and Newegg both have the console available to purchase online for its standard retail price of $399.

A Star Wars Battlefront II bundle with limited edition console and controller is available through Amazon for $449.99. A Destiny 2 bundle is also available through Amazon for $449.99.