“The Blacklist: Redemption” episode 4 saw Scottie Hargrave (Famke Janssen) getting closer to figuring out Tom Keen’s (Ryan Eggold) secret.

In the latest episode of “The Blacklist” spinoff, Scottie continues to dig deeper into what happened to her supposedly dead son, Christopher. During her search, she comes very close to discovering that her new employee, Tom, is actually her biological son.

She hires a private investigator to look into her son’s disappearance. The investigator gives her an adoption file that reveals Christopher was adopted by a Mr. and Mrs. Phelps after he went missing 30 years prior. Scottie pays the couple a visit, and they tell her that they were told the boy’s real mother was a drug addict. The couple also shows her a photo of their son, whom they named Jacob, as a young boy, and the snapshot shows him with a birthmark on the side of his neck. However, Scottie doesn’t remember her son having any visible birthmarks, so she concludes that Jacob and Christopher aren’t the same person.

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But it turns out Scottie was right on track as the private investigator she hired actually works for Tom’s father, Howard Hargrave (Terry O’Quinn). Although the investigator did give the Halcyon CEO the correct file about Tom/Christopher’s adoption, Howard hired actors to play Mr. and Mrs. Phelps and show Scottie a fake picture to convince her she’d reached a dead end. And as the investigator says, this isn’t a permanent solution as Scottie will eventually find out the truth if she continues digging into Christopher’s disappearance.

It looks like Scottie may already be suspecting that Tom is hiding something big from her. She orders Solomon (Edi Gathegi) to follow him after she hears that the undercover agent has an “anonymous source” who has some vital information about their latest case.

The anonymous source, of course, is his father, who once again meets him in Washington Square Park. Howard tells Tom the identity of the man behind the heist the mercenary team is investigating.

Despite seemingly having his fingers in a lot of pies at the moment, however, Howard is still singularly focused on the secret operation he claims Scottie has been running. He tells Tom that operation “Whitehall” involves an unexplained item in the budget of Scottie’s company that pertains to a warehouse located in South Africa. In the past, Howard hired an investigator to dig deeper into Whitehall, but the latter mysteriously disappeared. Shortly after, Scottie tried to kick Howard out of Halcyon and even tried to have him killed.

Howard also reveals that he recently discovered something that could be the key to figuring out what this operation really is. He says he found out that Scottie has been exchanging coded messages with an unnamed person. Although Tom doesn’t completely buy it, Howard insists that he needs to get Scottie to trust him enough to tell him about the black op.

Meanwhile, in addition to dealing with their latest case and her son’s disappearance, Scottie may have also gotten herself entangled in a love triangle. The escort she keeps coming back to, a man who calls himself Trevor (Dan Amboyer), has sets his sights on Kat (Theodora Miranne). He tells the latter that his name is Dan, something that he has not even told Scottie.

Find out what happens next to Tom and Scottie when “The Blacklist: Redemption” episode 5 airs next Thursday at 10 p.m EST on NBC. Meanwhile, check out the promo for the latest episode of “The Blacklist: Redemption,” titled “Borealis 301,” below.