The Blacklist
Elizabeth Keen (Megan Boone) will reunite with Red (James Spader) in "The Blacklist" season 4. NBC/The Blacklist

“The Blacklist” Season 4 will kick off with Red hunting down Liz and her daughter Agnes.

In “The Blacklist” Season 3 finale, Red (James Spader) found out that Liz (Megan Boone) faked her down death in order to get her family away from him. But before Liz could successfully leave the country with her husband Tom (Ryan Eggold) and their daughter, she was abducted by Alexander Kirk (Ulrich Thomsen), Red’s longtime nemesis who claims to be Liz’s biological father.

In the new trailer for “The Blacklist” Season 4, Red is furious that Liz was taken and is prepared to do anything to get her back.

The preview opens with a scene from the previous season of Red embracing Liz and promising her that he will protect her at all costs. In the next season, he will make good on his promise and rescue Liz, even after her betrayal. “A young woman and her child were taken, I want them back,” he demands. Explosion and destruction follows Red’s wake as he goes on a rampage to find her, and he does manage to trace her whereabouts, only to find her captor Kirk there with her.

“This is personal,” the trailer says, suggesting that Red will undertake the task of hunting Liz down alone and without the help of the task force.

“The Blacklist” executive producer Jon Bokenkamp previously opened up about Red’s reaction after discovering Liz faked her own death. According to the exec, Red was “devastated” that Liz would go to great lengths to get away from him.

“On one hand, he understands the danger he’s brought to Liz by being part of her life the past three years — he knew the dangers — but on the other hand, he’s only cooperating with the FBI so he can be part of her life. Emotionally, Reddington is in a very tricky and precious place. There is nothing worse than blatant rejection,” Bokenkamp told Entertainment Weekly.

In a separate interview, Bokenkamp dished that though their relationship will be “strained,” Red’s priority in Season 4 will still be keeping Liz safe and sound. “ The entire team is splintered, not just physically, but emotionally,” he told Deadline of Season 4. “The one person that Red cares about in this world is now missing and in the hands of his enemy. It’s gonna be really exciting to spin those in the room this year. As for Red, rest assured, he will be on fire.”

Find out how Red will track down Liz when “The Blacklist” Season 4 premieres Thursday, Sept. 22 at 10 p.m. EDT on NBC.