Chart-topping Blackpink member Lisa has talked about the things she considers "Greatest of all Time (GOAT)," which apparently include her phone, in the latest episode of "GOAT Talk with Complex."

Also known as Lisa Manoban, the youngest Blackpink member began by sharing that for her, the GOAT emoji is the "rock on" emoji. With a huge smile on her face, Lisa raised her pointing finger and her pinkie finger to demonstrate it.

She went on to reveal her GOAT travel essential — her phone. Though she is considered a polyglot as she speaks Thai, Korean, Japanese and English fluently, Lisa admitted she feels "safe" when she carries her phone with her whenever she travels abroad.

"Wherever I go, even if I can't speak the language or communicate, I would feel safe when I have my phone with me," she told Complex, which shared a video of the said interview via YouTube.

As for the GOAT Blackpink dance, Lisa, who is widely known as Blackpink's main dancer, said it is the choreography for the group's 2018 hit "Ddu-Du DDu-Du" she likes the best because it is "easy to follow."

Asked if there's some hidden story behind the choreography, Lisa said music producer Teddy Park allowed Blackpink to change one part of the hand movements into the "gun choreography."

When quizzed about her favorite lyrics in her first solo single, "Lalisa," she said during the interview, "There is a lyric that goes, 'You know it's me just by looking at my back.' I really like it because if my fans saw me from, like, far, far away, I think they can tell that's me. You know it's me just by looking at my back."

The K-pop star then disclosed her favorite color saying she likes baby yellow and loves sunflowers because they are yellow. She also mentioned that her favorite dessert is chocolate mousse while the GOAT snack for her is truffle chips.

"GOAT Talk" is Complex's talk show where guests reveal their all-time favorites. Following the release of Lisa's interview, which has garnered more than 400,000 views as of writing, "Lalisa Goat Talk" trended worldwide on Twitter Tuesday, along with the hashtag "LisaXComplex."

One fan tweeted a screenshot of Lisa gesturing the "gun choreography" during the interview.

In the caption, they wrote, "Teddy think of the Ddu-Du Ddu-du gun choreography?? I remember he's also the only who suggests Somi's Dumb Dumb batman choreography. Iconic! TEDDY from Main Producer to Main Choreographer lezzzgooooo."

"Yess Lisa rock and roll," another fan noted.

Meanwhile, Lisa's dance practice video for her second solo single, "Money" is currently occupying the No. 6 spot on YouTube's list of trending music videos worldwide.

This video came out only a few weeks after the Sept. 23 release of the track's dance performance video.

Blackpink member Lisa
NEW YORK, NY - SEPTEMBER 12: Lisa of Blackpink attends the Michael Kors Collection Spring 2019 Runway Show at Pier 17 on September 12, 2018 in New York City. Larry Busacca/Getty Images for Michael Kors

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