Blake McIver
Blake McIver Blake McIver

Many people might remember Blake McIver as the cute blond kid with glasses from “Full House” or as Alfalfa’s rival in “The Little Rascals,” but the child star sure has grown up. McIver, now 29, has released his new album “The Time Manipulator” and told International Business Times in a phone interview about his “eclectic” sound.

“It’s a journey,” he said about the album. McIver said his new music reflects on his past and how it got him to this point in his career. It also has a “time travel theme." The overall sound is eclectic and ranges from gospel to classic rock but has a general pop feel. “Hopefully there’s something for everyone,” he added.

He said being a former child star has indeed affected his music. “I have been working professionally in the entertainment industry since I was six,” he said, and “The Time Manipulator” is about “shedding off the child actor and becoming my own artist.”

While some ex-child stars come to regret their time in the entertainment industry, McIver embraces it. “I wouldn’t change a thing about it,” the singer told IBT.

Working on his music, however, doesn’t mean McIver is giving up on his acting career. “I definitely still have my hand in acting,” he told IBT. “I don’t think I would be able to walk away from it. It’s my passion.”

“The Time Manipulator” is available on Amazon and iTunes.

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