Blight Survival setting
Blight: Survival is set in a wartorn medieval land where a myterious disease is bringing the dead back to life Haenir Studio


  • "Blight: Survival" is a third-person action game with roguelite elements
  • Indie devs at Haenir Studio are developing the game
  • The game will release on PC with no news regarding console versions

An interesting new take on the classic roguelite formula is coming to PC via Steam soon, and it'll bring with it the full force of the Unreal Engine 5 to bear.

"Blight: Survival" is a third-person action title with roguelite and four-player co-op made by indie developer Haenir Studio. It's set in a 14th-century-esque medieval period where two states are locked in an endless war. The twist is that an unknown plague is infecting the war's victims, turning them into violent undead.

A short gameplay trailer was recently released by the developers, showcasing the game's important mechanics in action.

The trailer features an alpha version of "Blight: Survival," so things may or may not reach the final version of the game. Despite this, the overall graphical fidelity is stunning, and the combat has excellent rigidity.

Blight Survival stealth
Blight: Survival also includes stealth mechanics like detection mechanics and assassinations Haenir Studio

In "Blight: Survival," players are thrust into the melee brawl as mercenaries willing and capable of fighting against both armed men and blighted corpses. In-game, characters can be outfitted with various loot and equipment they find on their journey, from armor pieces to bows and new melee weapons.

As for the combat, players can choose from a wide selection of medieval gear, though the gameplay demo only featured a bow, an arming sword and to some degree, a heater shield. There's also a stealth mechanic with sound and line-of-sight-based detection as well as stealth kills on unaware targets.

What's more interesting is the world itself—in the demo, the player trudges through open areas that allow for either a swords-swinging or sneaky approach against enemy soldiers.

Ironically, little was shown about how roguelite progression will work in "Blight: Survival" apart from the Steam page implying that looted items will be lost upon death. There weren't any co-op-specific actions shown in the trailer either apart from two players waving at each other.

"Blight: Survival" is yet to have a definite release date, but fans of the setting and the third-person hack-and-slash genre may want to keep their eyes on this game's development.

Blight Survival hinterland
Blight: Survival features open maps with plenty of ground to cover Haenir Studio