Jaimie Alexander as Jane Doe
Jane Doe (Jaimie Alexander) will find information about her real identity through the help of Archie Panjabi's character in "Blindspot" Season 2. NBC

In the upcoming episode of NBC’s “Blindspot” Jane Doe, aka Taylor Shaw, (Jaimie Alexander) meets someone else suffering from the same mysterious memory loss as she is. However, this new character seems to be causing nothing but mayhem for Jane and her team.

In a promo video for episode 12, Agent Kurt Weller (Sullivan Stapleton) is seen questioning Charlie (Gaius Charles), described as a "super soldier," but the veteran doesn’t really remember anything from the past year and a half. His only memory comes in the form of a flashback, where he’s seen strapped to a chair as two nurses inject a liquid into a tube attached to his head. It’s later revealed that Charlie was given the same serum that erased Jane’s memory.

Later in the same teaser video, Charlie and Jane are seen fighting but he manages to escape from her. Patterson (Ashley Johnson) tells the group that Charlie is “the most dangerous guy in the world.”

According to an episode synopsis (via TV Guide), Charlie goes on a shooting rampage at a military base “leading the team to uncover a dire plot involving a scientist.” Charlie also causes Jane to remember something about her own military background.

“Blindspot” creator Martin Gero recently teased what’s ahead for the NBC drama, telling TV Line that fans should expect a bit of awkwardness between Weller and Jane. In episode 11, Jane had to choose between meeting up with Weller to talk about their kiss or going to see her former fiancé Oscar (François Arnaud), who can give her more information about her past. Jane chose to meet with Oscar.

“It’s a delicate [balance] for them. They work together; she’s an important figure in his life,” Gero said about Weller and Jane. “We’ve all had instances where maybe we made out with somebody we shouldn’t have, and we try to normalize that situation. It’s a lot of fun stuff. They still have an indelible bond that we’re never going to tamper with. But there are certainly going to be moments of awkwardness between them.”

“Blindspot” airs Mondays at 10 p.m. EST on NBC.