Kurt Weller knows a Sandstorm operative? “Blindspot” Season 2, episode 6 revealed a shocking twist while Jane bonded with Roman on a mission. Giovanni Ruffino/NBC

Wait, did that really happen? NBC’s “Blindspot” showed a shocking twist at the end of Season 2, episode 6 and it was one no one saw coming. “Her Spy’s Mind” kicked off right where episode 5 left off with Zapata (Audrey Esparza) discovering that Reade (Rob Brown) was standing over coach Jones’ dead body in the abuser’s house.

Zapata Helps Reade

Zapata stepped up and became Reade’s true friend and partner in this episode. Reade claimed he didn’t kill Jones and suggested that they call the cops. Bad idea. Fortunately, Zapata has a better one – Leave the house now. The police will obviously see Reade as the main suspect if they find him in his house.

The duo quickly left the house, remove their clothing and discussed the events of the night. Zapata asks Reade whether he killed him and he still denies doing it. The agent claimed that he couldn’t bring himself to watch the tape that was labelled Edgar Reade nor did he kill Jones. Apparently, he just found his body lying there.

Then Reade remembered that a patrol officer found him spying on Jones. Zapata tells him that she will take care of it.

When the Spanish speaking agent meets this officer, she finds out that he wrote down Reade’s car number. Desperate, she told him that this man who he saw was actually an undercover FBI agent and if he tells the police he saw him then she would deport his pregnant wife Maria. The officer promised he’ll be mum about finding Reade.

Jane Doe Goes On A Mission With Remy

In the FBI headquarters, Jane Doe (Jaimie Alexander) is called by Sandstorm for a mission. She reluctantly leaves Kurt Weller (Sullivan Stapleton) and his team in order to assist her brother Roman (Luke Mitchell) in putting a microchip at Bradley Dynamics. The siblings pose as occupational hazard specialists in order to get to their computers.

During the mission, Roman’s first instinct is to always kill someone. Jane stops him from doing so. Jane also gets a lot of flashbacks of their time in the orphanage including the time Roman was bullied and got a scar on his cheek. Remy/Jane was unable to protect him at that time.

Jane finally plants the microchip while preventing Roman from hurting anyone. However, the security guards get wind of their operation, lock down the building and come after her and Roman.

Roman fights off the guards while Jane uploads the microchip. But the chip is taking way too much time and it looks like her brother might die because of the mission. She remembers how she was unable to rescue him from getting his scar and immediately aborts the mission to rescue him. They finally escape from the building teeming with guards.

Later, Jane and Roman bond over their childhood and Roman confesses to being angry at his sister for choosing the mission over him. She wiped out her memory and forgot all about him for the sake of her goal.

Jane tells him that she loves him and cares about him. Much more than any mission.

Nas And Weller Head To Bulgaria

Meanwhile, Nas (Archie Punjabi) and Weller track down an Edward Snowden-like man named Winter who leaked NSA files to the world. They head to Bulgaria, where Winter is hiding, and pose as a couple. The pair locate him to a posh hotel. They get rooms there and quickly nab Winter.

However, Winter alleges that he was framed by two gunmen. He never leaked any NSA files. He was actually held at gunpoint by two men and given two choices – Either stay in America and go to jail or head to a country with no extradition. With no other option, Winter traveled to Bulgaria. Unfortunately, the Bulgarian government is keeping him hostage in the country.

Winter has proof of the gunmen. He has a recording of them embedded in his spectacles. Weller quickly sends the recording to Patterson (Ashely Johnson) so that she can verify its authenticity.

Weller Has Sex … With Nas

During all this time in Bulgaria, Nas and Weller get some time between the sheets. After securing Winter and heading back to the United States, Kurt gets a call from Patterson. She found a bug in Dr. Robert Bordon’s (Ukweli Roach) office. Nas has been listening in on their conversations. Weller doesn’t tell his new lover anything about the discovery.

Patterson Called Robert David!

Patterson is overworked and stressed. While decoding the recording Kurt entrusted to her, her new boyfriend Robert frequently pops in to her office to spend some time with her. Stressed about choosing between work and her personal life, the tech genius calls her new lover David. Needless to say it becomes awkward for the couple.

Later, Patterson apologizes and Robert makes it clear that he doesn’t want her to choose between him and her work. He loves that she loves her work.

A Shocking Twist

After Kurt, Nas and Jane return from their missions, Patterson plays the recording. Shockingly, Kurt recognizes Shepherd’s (Michelle Hurd) voice! Kurt knows Sandstorm’s leader Shepherd. Is that why they have been watching him for over 20 years?


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