Millions of people affected by Blizzard Nemo woke up on Saturday morning to a blanket of snow outside of their homes. Snow totals varied greatly: some places had 38 inches of snow, while others got off easy with only 6 inches.

The Weather Channel updated its snow totals with the following report:

Milford, CT: 38.0”

Gorham, ME: 32.9”

Centereach, NY: 32.0”

Boston, MA: 21.8”

NYC (Central Park): 11.4”

Some places even LITERALLY got 2 feet of snow:

News reports predicted Boston would be blasted with the most snow from Nemo’s wrath, but it seems Connecticut got hit hardest, with more than 3 feet of snow.

@JoJoS827 tweeted about the massive amount of snow that fell in Connecticut:

“Cannot believe how much snow CT got. Not sure I've ever seen that much before. #wild #nemo.”

Plows have been able to get through major roads in Westchester, NY -- but cars buried in the snow didn’t have much luck, according to a tweet from @Mami2Mommy:

“At least they are quick to clear the streets. Our car stuck, like many though. #nemo #westchester #ny,” she wrote.

Though they weren’t hit as hard as Connecticut, almost 2 feet of snow accumulated in Massachusetts.

@jaimebc wrote, “In case this was unclear, New England got a lot of snow. #nemo.”

Popular captions on Instagram pictures joked about the “Finding Nemo” movie, saying it was Nemo who found them.

People in other parts of the country even took to Twitter to talk about the 2013 blizzard:

@rettiwT311 wrote, “I dont know how y'all deal with all that snow&cold! This ol' Florida boy can't even stand the fridge being open for 2long. #respect#Nemo.”

Wind-gusts reached hurricane force during Friday night, with trees crushing down onto some houses in Long Island.

Click here to view live blog updates on blizzard Nemo via Twitter and The Weather Channel.

How much snow did Nemo bring you?