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Are you looking for a cryptocurrency debit card in the U.S.? Then you must have heard of BlockCard. But is it worth it? Read this BlockCard review to find out if it can satisfy your needs.

What is BlockCard?

BlockCard is a crypto fintech platform that offers a crypto debit card for all its users.

With crypto becoming increasingly popular as an alternative form of payment, there is growing demand for immediate access to digital assets without using multiple devices or inefficient apps. You should be able to spend your crypto just as easily as funds in your bank account. BlockCard can help you with this.

Launched by U.S.-based blockchain company Ternio in 2019, BlockCard is a relatively new cryptocurrency debit card made by Americans for Americans. Ternio was founded two years prior in 2017 and is best known for offering the highly-scalable blockchain framework, Lexicon. Ternio released BlockCard to make it easier to buy and spend cryptocurrencies.

Available in plastic and metal cards, the BlockCard Visa Card offers free deposits and withdrawals for its users. It doesn't charge any exchange fees and supports 13 of the most famous and successful cryptocurrencies today.

How to use BlockCard

Since BlockCard was created as a solution for those who want to combine the convenience of debit cards with the modern benefits of crypto, using it is very easy. The BlockCard website says users can sign-up and start spending crypto in minutes.

To register, go to the BlockCard website and register for an account by supplying personal information to verify your identity.

Signing up for BlockCard is easy and only takes minutes.

Once verified, you need to deposit cryptocurrency to your account. You will be given instant access to a virtual card for your account once you pass the BlockCard identification check. You don't have to wait long for your physical card as it will be mailed to you within 7 to 10 days.

For the bank account, it has a modern and intuitive interface, on top of being FDIC-insured. Users can easily keep track of any activity, such as their spending, purchases and selling any crypto on the interface. It lets users transfer money to their friends and family and withdrawing or depositing can be done using the ACH and Wire Transfer options. The BlockCard website is designed as a progressive web application, meaning navigation feels like you’re using a BlockCard App instead of the traditional webpage. The company has plans to release iOS/Android apps in the future.

BlockCard is also known to have excellent customer support and is highly responsive in resolving user issues. This is a plus for those wondering if the debit card is reliable.

Other features

BlockCard's banking account is intuitive and easy-to-use, making it perfect for those new to the platform.

Crypto Back Rewards is perhaps the best feature that BlockCard offers. This cashback program rewards you with as much as 6.38%, which is higher than any other card on the market. BlockCard users can spend $50,000 and earn $3,190 back in crypto.

To get the rewards, you need a stake on TERN, which is Ternio’s crypto. Depending on the amount, you can qualify for 1% to 6% in rewards, with the other 0.38% coming from spending TERN on BlockCard.

Visa card - Another benefit of using BlockCard is that it's a Visa card so you can use it anywhere that accepts Visa. This makes the card very reliable as Visa is the most widely accepted card in the world.

ApplePay, Google Pay and Samsung Pay - If you want more options then BlockCard can also be used anywhere ApplePay, Google Pay and Samsung Pay are accepted. This is a feature that other crypto debit cards don't offer, making BlockCard stand out.

Referral Program - The card also offers a simple referral program. Invite someone to sign up for the card and both of you receive $10. For anyone with friends who are into crypto, this is a great incentive.

BlockCard’s fee structure

Another selling point of BlockCard is its competitive price structure.

There are no crypto deposit fees, exchange fees or transaction fees for the user. The minimum spending fee is $750 a month and any user that spends less is charged $5 for that month.

The amount of funds you can deposit and withdraw from your BlockCard varies depending on the card, shown here.

There is 0 crypto withdrawal fees. However, withdrawing cash at the ATM incurs a $3.00 fee, which increases to $3.50 if you withdraw from an international ATM. There's also a PIN transaction fee of $1.00 for domestic and $2.00 for international. The maximum withdrawal is $500 a day.

It’s also worth noting that BlockCard does not have a spending commission fee, which, while unusual, is a highly-competitive feature of the card. Users who want to close their accounts don’t have to worry about being charged with any fees.

You can get a plastic crypto BlockCard for $10 and you can spend and withdraw up to $3,000 per day. If you prefer a metal card, the fee is $50 with a daily spending and withdrawal limit of up to $5,000.

All of these make BlockCard fees one of the best in the industry.

BlockCard security

As for safety, the BlockCard team designed the card with user safety in mind. The website uses the latest 128-bit encryption technology to secure your card and personal information online. BlockCard follows strict procedures to guarantee that your card and personal info aren't mishandled or misused. Furthermore, each digital bank account that a user is given access to is FDIC-insured.

BlockCard's cash-back program is one of its best features, and has the highest rates in the industry.

BlockCard is also a signature and PIN access card. This ensures that the card won't be abused in any way. Without the PIN, the card wouldn't be able to make an ATM or debit transaction. The card can also be immediately frozen if a user loses it.

Is BlockCard worth it?

BlockCard has managed to quickly establish itself as a flexible and trusted crypto card provider in the U.S. In a short time, the company launched an intuitive platform, set up a presence in the U.S. and even released plastic and metal cards for its users.

The UI is easy to use, the fees are very competitive and the cashback program has the highest rate in the industry. BlockCard manages to deliver on its promise: make it convenient and safer for crypto users to spend their cryptocurrencies and earn rewards.

If these sound good to you, then click here to open a BlockCard account today.